noah….the movie, the bible, the warnings

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I have a dear Christian friend who owns a movie theatre. He works hard to provide our dinky little town with quality, family-friendly entertainment. This week, he previewed the movie “Noah” to see if it was true to the Biblical account and to make an informed decision as to whether or not to bring it to his theatre. The following is the review he posted on the theatre’s Facebook page:

“I want to say that this review contains spoilers. So from this point on if your wanting to watch it then don’t read any further. There have been many ideas of what the final cut would be and how they would change it to make it right. After seeing it today I’m sad to say that they have missed the mark.

I’ll start with the good.

1. There is an Ark. There is a Flood.

Where they went wrong. And how they perverted and made a mockery of Scripture.

The opening scene shows angels that came down from Heaven to help Adam and Eve. They are called Watchers. They came down from heaven with such force that they melted into the Earth like lava and when it hardened they burst forth as 25 foot tall 8 arm rock giants.. yes rock giants. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they all were cast out of the garden. Adam and Eve had their children, one of which was Cain. Cain killed Abel and was from that point marked and sent out. The rock giants went with Cain and helped him and his family understand the future of the world. They showed them all the knowledge to build and have amazing infrastructure. They also showed them a mineral called Zollat. It was a magical mineral that was full of energy from the creation of the Earth. It had powers to use for fire and weapons, etc. Cain’s descendants, one of which is Tubal-Cain, has a desire to find this mineral covering all the planet , killing anyone in his path that defies him or harbors this mineral. The whole earth is being ransacked in the process looking for this mineral.


The rock giants want to get out and want to go back to Heaven because of man’s “wickedness” and they don’t want any part of man’s ways. But now they are banished and are stuck on Earth. Tubal Cain uses them for evil in many wars. The rock giants now are wicked, too.

We fast forward to Noah as a young boy and his father is about to pass on the birthright by a magical snake skin when Tubal-Cain barges in and kills his father because his land is filled with the Creator’s mineral that he wants. Noah runs away and we fast forward to Noah older with his wife and 3 sons who are all little and the youngest is a baby. Noah is shown as a very sensitive protector of the Earth who doesn’t so much as harm a flower. A scene is shown where hunters are chasing their kill (a dog that’s half -bird) The men find the animal and Noah intercedes by killing all 4 men for their cruelty to the animal.

Noah has a dream that night, a vision. He does not speak to God but has a vision. Its a vision of water. Death by water. He is not sure what it means so he has to go find is grandfather Methuselah to help him decipher his dream. He takes his family across the country to where Methuselah is. On their journey they come across an x-mining field and all the people there were killed for their goods. One little girl is left and she later become Shem’s wife. There is only one woman for the 3 boys. She has been injured real bad and will never have kids.

Also, along the way they run into rock giants that want to kill his family, until one rock giant tries to help him. He takes him to his grandfather and sticks around and plays with the kids while Noah goes to find his grandfather. He can’t figure out the dream so Methuselah gives him a medicine that makes him fall asleep again and he now sees more water and a floating device of some kind that is a way to survive. He comes to the understanding that he needs to build an ark. Methuselah gives him a seed from the garden of Eden that will help grow the wood that he needs after Tubal-Cain has cut down all the trees. He puts the seed into the ground and immediately a 1000 acres of forest is there.

He convinces the rock giants to help him build the Ark. There are only 12 left and they feel they can earn favor with the Creator and get back into Heaven by helping Noah. They built the Ark in 10 years. Tubal-Cain finds out what he is doing and wants the Ark for himself to be a god in the new world with all the animals, so he gets an army together to take it over. As the rain starts to fall his army tries to take the Ark. The rock giants are there to help stop them. Noah shuts the door on his family and fights off all he can with the help of  the rock giants.

Noahs Family Movie

Tubal-Cain sneaks onto the ship and hides out for a year eating the 2 of each the reptiles while getting help from Ham as they plot to kill Noah. During that year Emma Watson’s character is now pregnant because she went and saw Methuselah and he healed her barrenness. Noah decides that his whole family is evil too and they should not have survived the flood and vows to kill off his family. When he learns she is with child he states that if it’s a girl he will kill the baby. If its a boy it will live and everyone will die naturally and then all the animals will live in the second Eden away from all the wicked people. Tubal-Cain tries to kill Noah, Ham comes to his senses and saves his father’s life. Instead of one baby being born, it’s twin girls. Emma pleads with Noah that they are for his other two sons and Noah decides not to kill them. The ship hits the rocks and they all survive. There is no rainbow at the end, there is no promise.

In Summary – Noah and the flood was due to man’s wickedness of how they treated the Earth, not that they had sinned against Almighty God. It was Noah who made the choice to save his family, not a merciful God sparing mankind from total destruction. It was Noah’s choice to shut the door on the people, but in the Biblical account the door was so heavy only God could shut it, and He did. Noah is calling the shots – in this movie, but in the Biblical account – and something I believe strongly in is the God in Heaven is sovereign over all things!

(In the movie) Noah lived in a desert and he would never have thought about building a boat on his own. As a literal creationist, I believe Noah had never even seen rain!

Nothing was the work of God in the Movie – but the Story of Noah is only about the Mercy and Power of Almighty God!

Noah never communicates with God in the movie, he doesn’t walk with God. There is no redemption in the end. The TRUE story of Noah is all about Redemption and promise!
In my conclusion, this portrayal of the story of Noah is so stupid I would recommend that you not waste your money or time to watch it, because of this I will not bring it to Andrews.

Email me at if you have anymore questions.

If you would like to read the entire Biblical account of Noah, the Ark, and the Flood, click here. It comprises only 3 brief chapters in the Bible and will take about five minutes to read: Noah & The Ark

A new Bible-based movie, “Noah & The Last Days,” produced by Living Waters, will be available for free viewing on YouTube, beginning at 3pm, March 25th. You can also download it for a fee. Find out more here:

For a discussion of the feasibility of a real Ark, read here: Was There Really A Noah’s Ark & Flood

John Snowden, the “biblical advisor” for the movie recently posted an article praising the movie for its adherence to the actual Biblical account.  Here’s a critique of his article (with a link to the article) by Answers in Genesis staff member, Roger Patterson: Noah – Unbiblical Fantasy

God has some dire warnings for any man that would pervert his Holy Scriptures.

Galatians 1:8, “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

Deuteronomy 4:2 & 12:32 “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it.” The reason God is so adamant on this is because “The entirety of Your word is truth” (Psalms 119: 160).

“Add thou not unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar” Proverbs 30:6.

3 responses to “noah….the movie, the bible, the warnings

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  2. so glad you are standing for your Faith! The Bible can not be corrupted and we shouldn’t give our money to Hollywood to do just that. Shame on Hollywood!

  3. There is nothing right about this movie at all. I just came home from watching it and it was nothing more than blasphemy. Notice how “creator” has replaced God throughout? I was raised in a household where idolatry and satanism were the “faith”… Thankfully the Lord had other plans for me. I see how the serpent is defined in this film and his shed skin is worshiped… Also the fallen rock angels? Oook. Like Transforms meets Noah meets Norman Bates… With a heap of New age rock worship. This was clearly made for children and people with no idea of what Faith is. Sad really, to target the unknowing but that’s what the faithless do they look for those on their level of intelligence to infect with lies. You want proof of God? Just take a breath, that air, He gave… and by He Im speaking of The Sovereign Lord God Jesus Christ, trust me if I found him you can too.

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